the circus is in town

Happy Day to my dear wonderful sister – the funniest person I know – who is expecting her first baby this November.

I was privileged to throw her an intimate baby shower this past weekend and had so much fun planning and setting up for her party.


I know I need a better camera (or learn how to use the one I have) but you’ll get the idea.  Erin’s nursery will be filled with fun vintage circus touches and I thought what better theme for a shower!  Admittedly I ripped off most of my ideas from other parties I found on-line, but I think most everything turned out just as I wanted it to.  My girlfriend is a professional clown and she was able to join us to do some awesome balloon twisting for the ladies.  With that and a spot set up to decorate some baby outfits we managed to avoid the baby shower games – is there anyone out there who actually enjoys those?

My mother had these great old posters from some local circuses and they worked really well with the table.




I also found these awesome moustaches on etsy – made from felt and stiffened with glue with a hole cut in the middle to fit through a straw.  Steve and I made our own version and I neglected to take a photo, but they look just like these:

Mustache and Pink Straw  Photo Prop. Candy Bar. Wedding Photo Prop - Set of Four

(from LittleRetreats shop)

I can’t wait to meet my niece or nephew in just a few short weeks and will be so pleased when they move just 5 hours away by car, instead of 2 hours away by plane.  I’m thinking our next Themed Thursday will be circus related, as I already have all this ‘stuff’!  Corndogs?  Fries?  Funnel Cakes?


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