home sweet home

Top 10 Things I Learned While On Vacation In DC This Past Weekend:

  1. While I felt like a crazy person trying to clean my house before we left, it was so worth it to walk through that front door after a long day of traveling to find it spotless.  If it helps you relax while on vacation knowing that your house will be clean upon your return, do it.  And don’t believe your husband when he tells you you’re nuts.
  2. 1 three-year-old + 1 package of pipe cleaners + 2 hours of flying = 🙂 momma
  3. When the weather people say it’s going to be a scorcher and the heat index will be 110 degrees, don’t think for a minute that just because you’re from Florida you can ‘handle that’.
  4. While the largest Civil War reenactment in Virginia history might sound like a good time (to whom, I’m not sure), it’s really a giant role-playing game for grown-ups and unless you’re seriously knowledgeable about the Battle of Bull Run it just looks like a bunch of guys kind of lining up to get shot. 
  5. If you go to the capitol building for a tour, go at the end of the day.  You will have to dump out all your snacks, drinks – even the empty sippy cup we had with us was forced into the recycling bin.  Of course, the neighboring security line attendant was shocked that we were forced to toss that out.  I suppose it pays to have cargo pockets.
  6. Do your research about the CARES system.  While we felt Abi wouldn’t make it in a car seat attached to the airline seat, I didn’t feel comfortable just putting her in the regular lap belt.  Enter:  CARES, the only FAA approved harness for kids up to 44 pounds.  This thing is expensive to purchase and I wasn’t about to spend that kind of money when we rarely fly.  Thank you Christine on eBay – I was able to rent one from her with fantastic communication and great advice.  She even sent a prepaid return envelope to make the whole thing as simple as possible.  What a great service!  Highly recommend.
  7. Mt. Vernon is a big place.  Go early and pace yourself.  Don’t go in 100 degree temperatures or you will lose you mind.  It felt appropriate that Abi was acting like Blanche DuBois for much of our visit there.
  8. Plan ahead and think of other people.  I wanted to see so many things while in the city, but, of course, I’m joined by a 3 year-old and a woman who is 6-months pregnant, so….yeah.  I’m out voted.
  9. I’m super happy I don’t have to commute to a big city.  While the novelty of taking an hour-long train into the city might be appealing, I fear the first time I’m having a bad-hair-day and am 15 minutes late it will wear off real quick like.  Although…that hour of solitude to just read might cancel those things out.  Just sayin’.
  10. Never underestimate the power of taking it slow.  The last time Steve and I went to DC was in 2007, right before Abi was born (and I was 6-months pregnant…but it was December) and we just zoomed all over the place – mostly in the rain.  But with the combo of the heat, Abi and the preggo sister that type of trip just wasn’t going to happen.  We had some great times in Erin’s living room just coloring and visiting, or out in the backyard eating popsicles and playing in the sprinkler.  Those are the things we would have missed if we had been super-sight-seers but they ended up being my very favorite part of our trip.

So happy to be home – I’ll put some pictures up soon.





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