i’m getting out the plastic gloves now…

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I made baba ghannouj for the first time.  It was incredibly tasty.  What there was of it.  Unfortunately, the eggplant exploded while it was cooking.  Scrubbing baked-on eggplant from the far reaches of my oven was not how I pictured spending that evening.  Sweet husband comes home to find me with my head stuck in the oven – then relaxes when he realizes it’s electric.

But I’m thinking about making it again, this time a little differently.  Moutabel is a spicier version and looks fantastic.  Why would I attempt this again?  It’s all in the name of book club.  Next week we’ll be discussing Son of Hamas and I like to theme our snacks around the book.  The book is terribly interesting and I really need to concentrate on what’s going on – I’m not used to doing that when I read.  There are so many people in this one and their names are names I’m not used to hearing.  Our group is a good mix of people from all walks of life, so I’m interested to hear what they all have to say about the book.

I need to bring a suggestion for our next book – any ideas?  And I’ll keep you posted on the eggplant.


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