is it november yet?

I may have mentioned a few (thousand) times that I hate Florida in the summer.  I hate the heat and I hate the lizards.  Somehow this past weekend those two delightful things somehow teamed up and created a ‘perfect storm’.

Friday is my day off and I had plans to clean the house in preparation for my all-day absence on Saturday.  I’m scrubbing and tidying and it’s getting progressively warmer.  It’s something like 90 degrees outside, and it’s 80 inside.  No big deal, I think.  I know we have an aging a/c unit and it struggles a little to keep up when it’s so hot out.  It will go back down a little later in the day.  Uh, no.  It climbs.  It hits 83.  Hmmm.  It hits 85.  Oh my.  When it hits 88 I take Abi outside and we hang out in the kiddie pool for the rest of the day.  It’s actually kind of nice out in the shade of the umbrella while we lounge in the pool sipping on cool drinks. 

Rob the miracle-worker will be stopping by the next day to check it out for us, but until then we spend the night sweltering under ceiling fans and oscillating fans and standing fans.  We keep Abi in our room because it’s cooler there than in her room and I don’t want to leave her bedroom windows open while she’s alone in there. 

It’s just…ick.  Sweaty and gross. 

Turns out a lizard crawled in the unit outside in the backyard and electrocuted itself on some of the wires causing some kind of short.  We would need a minor electrical part and could have it on Monday. The remainder of the weekend was spent at my parent’s house.  And it’s kind of a toss-up on the suffering scale – spending the weekend at my parent’s house or having no a/c.   (They are some serious DIYers and have been remodeling their kitchen for going on 2 years now.  This includes hand-made cabinets and a countertop made of fallen cedar trees from the 2004 hurricanes.  It will be quite beautiful when they are done, but their fridge is in the dining room, people.)

I promptly forgot all plans I had that weekend (sorry, Tamra, I’ll make it up I promise) and could only think about the several thousands of dollars we would potentially need to spend on a new a/c unit.  All of this after getting into a fender bender a few weeks earlier and having to shell out for our deductible and rental car.  This just isn’t our month.

Long story short – we didn’t need the part, we now have a/c and I’m not longer thinking of running away.  Today.

On a happier note, please enjoy this photo of my bathing beauties.


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