an experiment in suffering, part II

So, taking a two-year-old to Disney is not a good idea.  At least my two-year-old.  I saw these families with teeny tiny babies there along with toddlers and older kids.  Geez-a-lou, how do these people do it?  And how can these families survive a week-long trip to the parks?  I needed all day on Sunday to recuperate from our adventure on Saturday.  To even think about going back the next day – pure insanity.

me, abi and tanya


Of the rides she did go on, she enjoyed them very much.  It was the matter of waiting in line.  I saw all these other toddlers waiting patiently in line with their parents, being held or just standing there having a grand old time.  Not mine.   We tried, that’s all I can say.  Now we know.  Maybe when she’s 5 and knows why she’s waiting in line.

As we recuperated on Sunday, we watched a bit of the Harry Potter marathon that was showing on TV.  In the second movie, there is that big snake in the bowels of the school.  As the snake was slithering away, Abi says ‘Where’s snake going?  Bye, snake, see you later.  Going to the car.’    She’s amazing.


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