Zen and the Art of Laundry Maintenance

There is just something relaxing and zen-like to hanging laundry on the line.  Maybe it’s the repetitiveness of the motions.  Maybe it’s being partially surrounded by damp, fresh smelling, clean cloth.  Or maybe it’s the stolen moment of quiet that I get to spend outside in the sunshine.  Who knows.  Who cares.  All of those things are pretty darn good. 

 It doesn’t take a lot of concentration, but it does take some practice.  I had to learn to hang the shirts upside down so the shoulders wouldn’t have wonky points.  I learned to hang my underwear on the inside of the rows so unexpected guests won’t see them (Sorry Rob).  I’ve learned to leave myself a sticky note to take them OFF the line because laundry left on the line overnight just isn’t a good idea.  And I’ve learned to give everything a good shake before folding to remove stray bugs. 

As luck would have it, I was giving one of Abi’s shirts a shake and a crayon fell out.  Had I put those clothes in the dryer and not on the line we would have lost yet another load of clothes to the ravages of colored wax.  I’m hooked.

Yes, the towels are a little scratchy, but they absorb better.  Yes, my jeans are a bit stiff, but I don’t have to hitch them up quite as much during the day.  And yes, there is the occasional surprise rain shower, but I can use the exercise.

It costs approximately .57 cents to dry a load of laundry.  If I do about 5 loads a week, that works out to $2.85 a week.  For a year that comes to $148 that I could be spending on cupcake liners or snow globes.  You know, the important things.

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On another outside themed thought – Steve and I volunteered for ‘Keep Seminole Beautiful’s’   invasive plant removal at the Central Florida Zoo this past Saturday.   It was raining and cold, but surprisingly fun.  We got to go beyond the perimeter fence of the zoo and go trudging around in the swamp.  Did you know Florida had 13 different kinds of swamps?   We pulled vines, dug for air potato plants, and tried not to fall in the mud.  I haven’t been to that zoo in over 20 years but it still looks the same.


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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! Glad to see there are other line-lovers out there!

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