fun things to do this weekend!

This weekend is chock-a-block full of  fun things to do!  It’s enough to make me throw down my cleaning rag and my vacuum cleaner and spend some time out of the house. 

While Steve and I have pledged to clean and organize the house from one end to the other; one room at a time, there still has to be room for fun stuff, right?  Last weekend was a bust, too (from a cleaning standpoint.  Birthday parties and Superbowl parties took precedence).    Next weekend we should be back in business.

But THIS weekend we have free admission to the Orange County History Center which has a fantastic costume exhibition going on now.  And then we’ll head over to the park on Park Avenue. It’s Bach Festival time, people.  There will be a free concert in the park on Saturday, followed by a free showing of Love Story.  If we didn’t have the Abster with us we (ok, I) would totally stay to watch it.

So here’s a new picture of Abi, looking very much like a teenager – ‘OK, whatever Mom’.


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