my first thanksgiving

Since my parent’s kitchen is still an absolute wreck it was decided to have it my house this year.  Thankfully it wasn’t the ENTIRE family, just my parents, sister and grandmother.   I didn’t burn the turkey!  I kept having these visions of the turkey from National Lampoons – you know, when they carve the turkey there is a puff of air and nothing inside because it’s so dry.  And everyone ends up gnawing on the skin.  But it turned out OK.  Surprise, surprise.

Thanksgiving Table

Service for 6!










We finally got Abi’s new carseat installed.  This thing is a monster and doesn’t fit real well in the Rabbit.  I fear one day we’ll need to buy a bigger vehicle.  Sorry, Steve, no GTI.



One response to “my first thanksgiving

  1. dibs on the rabbit

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