Now that Abi has all the colors and most numbers 1-10 down, she’s moved onto names.  We go down the list – ‘What’s Grannie’s name?’ and she says Pam.  ‘What’s Daddy’s name?’ and she says Steve.  She knows everyone, even hard to say names like Celeste she says ‘Lest.  So smart.  But why won’t she just follow a simple request?  I don’t get it. 

Next week we attempt to lose the bottle altogether.  She still refuses to drink milk out of a cup like her juice or water.  We’ll lose the bottle and try to cook Thanksgiving lunch for my family for the first time.  My parent’s kitchen is going to be absolutely amazing when it’s finished but I can’t even imagine when that is going to be.  They’ve been plucking away at it for over a year.  Can you imagine?  Having your refrigerator in your living room for a year?   Keeping your pantry items in a box for a year?  But they insist on doing everything themselves.  Why couldn’t I get that gene?  Instead I get the frequent frustration gene and the wide feet gene.  And alas, I fear Abi has inherited those two things as well. 

mom and mini-mom


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