it’s that time again? what happened?

Time again to start thinking about holiday gifts.  I’m attempting to do all local, handmade gifts again this year.  Perhaps even some of my own handiwork.  So if you get something a little wonky, you know it’s from me.  Lots of baking.  Perhaps some of these:

Button Coaster

A coaster made from buttons.  Who knew?  Looks easy enough, but those are famous last words, no?

I’m excited to start planning a trip to NYC with a friend…just us – no sweeties, no kids.  Whatever will I do with myself?  Miss them like crazy, I know.  But beyond that, any suggestions?  I’ve been several times before and have hit all the major sites, but this will be my first time during the holiday season.  Can’t wait to see the department store windows and the tree at Rockefeller Center and maybe some snow??


One response to “it’s that time again? what happened?

  1. Don’t forget to try Etsy’s local search feature. It’s great for finding close by crafters:

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