Monthly Archives: October 2009

I’ve been singing You Are My Sunshine to Abi since she was born, nearly every day (in addition to many, many others – including The Only Living Boy in New York and If I Had a Hammer – songs I really used to enjoy) .  I’ve got it down pat, once more with feeling and warbling inflections galore.  She is quick to tell me what song she wants to sing and it’s never that one.  Didn’t even know she knew it.  But last night, waaaay past her bedtime and trying to get her to sleep, I sing the first the first verse and pause before the last word like I do with most of the other songs we sing.  And **poof** she sings the word sunshine.  We continue on with the song…and she knows the last word of every line without me having to prompt her.  Huh, she really is paying attention.


Abi and I enjoyed a lovely morning on Saturday at the American Heart Association’s Start! Heart Walk .  Just loads and loads of people and the day was beautiful.

But it's sooooo early

But it's sooooo early


Abi has this duck robe she can’t get enough of.  It’s far too small for her, but she just loves this thing and insists she put it on after a bath or shower.  She calls it her ‘tie’ because of the tie around the waist.  ‘Abba tie.  Momma tie.’  And we both put on our robes and walk around the house.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.

 too short?