and the beat goes on

Nothing new to report here in the ‘burbs, except, of course, more sleep problems, but I’m so over them I think that I’ve talked myself into ignoring them in the hopes they will actually go away.  So NOT working.  Abi is learning new words at an astounding rate and she’s taken to repeating everything we say.  With all these Summer afternoon storms, my new favorite is ‘tunder’.  Oh, and taaaeeeel for towel.  She sounds like the’s been spending too much time watching Steel Magnolias.

Sadly, my Colorado friend’s dog lost his battle with stomach cancer last week.  It will be a sad world without the Buddy dog and we’ll miss him. 

On a happier note, here’s my girl doing her best impression of Sean Penn (note the bad haircut – one must cut her hair while she’s sleeping as it’s the only time she will be still):




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