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Granted, I don’t have any readers and therefore have no sponsors or advertisers – but this was still a pretty interesting story about mom blogs on NPR last night.


could it be?

After weeks and weeks of a crumbling sleep schedule, Abi finally did the miraculous act – she slept all the way through the night.

I don’t know if it’s some kind of sleep regression thing going on (55-week, 13 month sleep regression…it’s a thing, really) or if I’m just too tired to stick with anything.  It started like it did the last time she went through this – rocked to sleep, as soon as her back hits her mattress she’s awake and crying.  So we moved her to our bed.  She’d fall asleep in our bed and I’d lay there and read for a while and then transfer her to her crib where she’d wake up a few times a night.  Then she couldn’t get transferred easily and we’d end up on the spare bed in Abi’s room.  It was like she didn’t want to be by herself.  Separation anxiety?

So I read about this new technique and we tried it last night.  I rocked her a bit and then put her in her crib and sat in a chair where she could see me while she cried.  I’d reassure her and tell her to lay down – which she did immediately.  It’s a little unnerving to have someone to instantly do exactly what you tell them to with out asking.  She’d lay there and cry for a while then stand back up and kind of drape her left arm over the crib rail and lean her head back.  And the yawns, oh man.  There were some serious yawns.  But it only lasted about an hour.  Not so much crying but more like complaining and usually I can handle that OK.

But she fell asleep.  And continued to sleep.  Until 6 this morning.  Like the cosmic irony that is my life, I couldn’t fall asleep last night until well after midnight.  I read, I took a hot bath, I drank a beer.  Finally slept and woke up around 4 – now I’m worried that I haven’t heard from her…is she OK?  I check on her and she’s fine, of course. 

We’ll see what tonight brings?  I mean really, how boring are other people’s sleep problems?  Geesh, I need a hobby.

4th of July


I have a love/hate relationship with Florida in the summer.  I tend to think of it how women think of childbirth – you forget how bad it is after it’s over until the next time…but by then it’s too late.  It’s too late to move.  It’s too late to purchase an entire room made out of ice.  Too late to put in that swimming pool we can’t afford. 

 I HATE the stifiling, sweltering, oppressive, crushing heat.  I HATE the bugs that come marching through unseen cracks in doors and windows.  I HATE that there are so many great things to do outside but it’s just too hot to enjoy them.  I don’t use the word hate too often.  My mom always told me it was a terrible word and it stuck with me through the years.  But I think since I’m not talking about a person here I’m warranted in using it. 

 I LOVE how delicious the sprinkler feels on parched shoulders.  I LOVE that the sun has almost started to rise when I wake up and I don’t have to drive to work in the dark.  I LOVE the new splash pad our city has installed and how cheap it is for the season – Abi  lurves this, too  (I think she may be growing gills).  I LOVE sitting on the front porch after dinner with a cool drink and watching the lizards.


 But really, I LOVE that it’s time for the Tour de France and the San Fermin Festival.  I look forward to this all year and especiallythis year since Lance Armstrong is back in the game after a several year absence.  When we go back to Spain, it will be during the early part of July.  It’s on my life’s list to watch the Running of the Bulls  in Pamplona and to see those giant heads in the parade. Not too keen on the bull fights that occur at the end of the run, but the people of Spain well on their way to banning it across the country. And from there it’s just a short trip to France to watch a few stages of the Tour.   

 Today’s stage rides through Barcelona – a city Steve and I spent a few days in on our honeymoon.  What a romantic city.  I remember our hotel vividly – it was Steve’s birthday when we checked in (after taking an overnight train from Paris).  His dad had  sent an email  written in Spanish to the front desk of the hotel and Steve had a birthday wish waiting for him.  Steve’s Dad does translations for a medical company and is fluent in several languages. The hotel wallpaper matched the same toille pattern as the bedspread.  Painful.  We spent hours and hours just walking up and down the Ramblas taking it all in.  Sigh.  I ramble, myself.



 So watch the Tour or follow it on line.  Three weeks of beautiful scenery and cut-throat competition.  What a wonderful juxtaposition!

Back to it (whatever that is)

Back to work after a lovely long week off.  Steve also took the week off so we were able to tackle a few home improvement projects, enjoy a short vacation at the shore and spend some time with our families.

Our backyard is at the bottom of a slope and when we get those days and days of rain, the entire back patio floods.  So we (I say we, I mean Steve.  And my dad.) put in a drainage system to prevent another frantic run to fill sandbags during hurricane season.  It was hot.  It was dirty.  But my two favorite fellas did an awesome job.

watch out for the hole

watch out for the hole

We then spent a bit of time on the West Coast of Florida where Steve and I got married.  Unfortunately it rained pretty much the entire time we were there.  We stayed in a cute town that – had it not been raining – would have been great for walking and browsing.  We wouldn’t have needed the car at all.  It did let up the next morning for a while.  Enough time for us to enjoy the beach for an hour or so.  Of course I forgot the camera and didn’t capture any of Abi’s first visit to the Gulf.  I don’t think it’s enough to say that she loved it.  I would say she lurved it.  To no end.  She was so well behaved the entire trip.  No freak-outs, no tantrums.  She was in such great spirits it made the rain a little more bearable.

We came home to an already clean house (don’t you just love when you think ahead before a vacation…no matter how short?) and promptly shipped Abi off to my parent’s house for the night.  Steve and I were headed out on the town.  Big Time stuff.  I even wore a dress.  Alas, the Spanish restaurantwe were wanting to go to was closed for a week to allow all the employees a vacation over the holiday week.   Dinner was still good, though.  There’s this place that served something called garlic knots.  Knots of dough sprinkled liberally witholive oil and RAW garlic.  Whew.  You’d better be in love with someone, is all I’m saying.

Managed to talk Steve out of the Transformers move and rented one instead.  Had some wine and relaxed.  Slept late.  Made cupcakes.  Oh, and the cupcakes.  I’m working my way though a cupcake cookbook my sister gave me.  This past week I made Red, White and Blueberry cupcakes along with Banana Butterscotch cupcakes.   Of course, no pictures.

We enjoyed the Geneva 4th of July Parade with my parents and grandmother – but that requires it’s own post.  Small Town Parade.  If you haven’t been to one, please do. 

So here’s finally a picture of my little lady looking like she’s just returned from the season in Boca-

tan baby

tan baby