three years ago today…

Steve and I were in Madrid on our honeymoon.  It’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever get to take trips like this again.  We saved for so long and planned for a year for this trip and I’m so glad we went.  Our wedding was simple and no frills – we took that money we would have spent on something more fancy and spent it on our trip.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace


Hard to imagine traveling again because of the money and because of the kid.  We have a house now and spend way more on a mortgage than we did on rent at the time.  Abi isn’t what I would call low-key right now…spending 9 hours on a plane with her would be a test of the mother-daughter bond I’d prefer not to experiment with.  Short trips?  Where is a good place to take a one year old?  Where could we go that would be  both fun and have enough things to do to keep us all entertained and occupied?  Help me out here.


One response to “three years ago today…

  1. Short of the park, I’m afraid I’m at a loss. I think 1 hour is probably the max time to spend in a car with toddlers. The beach!

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