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Oh my.  It’s back again.  The dreaded sleep regression.  We had a good run for a few months there – easy to get Abi to sleep and she’d sleep thru the night (for the most part) and wake up between 5 and 6am. 

And now we’re slowly returning the the sleep phase that makes me want to throw myself in traffic.  Abi has always been nursed to sleep.  We’ve tried other ways but this was the way that both she and I liked best, it just felt right.  She’s never been a great sleeper.  I think she feels like she’s going to miss something.  She’s so active and into EVERYTHING she just hates to relax and I fear she doesn’t know how.  But whatever was going on worked itself out.  We tried the cry-it-out thing and it seemed to be working but was breaking me in two having to listen to her wail for so long.  Then she got sick and everything went out the window.  But miracles of miracles, something clicked and she went down easy, slept all the way thru and took reasonable naps.  Huh.

There must be a 12 month sleep regression or something.  It took about an hour and a half to get her to sleep last night…as soon as her back hits that mattress she’s awake and standing up in the crib.  Then up at 4:45 this morning.  The kid is the engergizer bunny.  I don’t get it.

My mother is amazing – she comes to our house every morning during the week and spends all day with Abi.  She’s teaching her so many things.  And because she’s not worried about the laundry or cleaning the house, she can just enjoy Abi and have fun with her.  She’s told me that she really notices things this time around that she may not have with myself or my sister because she’s just more relaxed with Abi and has nothing more to do than play with her.  They have a great time together.  We’re so lucky to have her so close and so able bodied to do this for us.  I hope they have a close relationship when Abi grows up.

My mom is very creative and quite talented.  She’s sewn our clothes, painted murals on her walls and decorated family members houses.  She recently painted these two pictures for Abi’s room –

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar




I know these are terrible pictures but you get the idea.  Eric Carle is one off our favorites, as is anything by Sandra Boynton.  What else should we put up?  We have a couple of Keith Herring prints that I’m waiting for frame, but we may wait until she’s older for those.

Thanks, Mom!


three years ago today…

Steve and I were in Madrid on our honeymoon.  It’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever get to take trips like this again.  We saved for so long and planned for a year for this trip and I’m so glad we went.  Our wedding was simple and no frills – we took that money we would have spent on something more fancy and spent it on our trip.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace


Hard to imagine traveling again because of the money and because of the kid.  We have a house now and spend way more on a mortgage than we did on rent at the time.  Abi isn’t what I would call low-key right now…spending 9 hours on a plane with her would be a test of the mother-daughter bond I’d prefer not to experiment with.  Short trips?  Where is a good place to take a one year old?  Where could we go that would be  both fun and have enough things to do to keep us all entertained and occupied?  Help me out here.

how tan is too tan?

Picture to follow soon –

My girl looks like a farmer.  A two foot tall farmer with 9 teeth and a bruise on her forehead, but a farmer nonetheless. 

She is super brown already this summer (and it’s not even officially summer).  She loves loves loves to be outside and Grannie is more than willing to oblige with 10-15 minute increments.  Sometimes with clothes, sometimes without.  She’s a free spirit and sometimes will take her shirt off and refuse to put her pants back on.

Those little plastic kiddie pools are the best things ever – truly.

agony – thy name is lentil

I’m trying to mix things up on the dinner front.  I’ve tried the bulk cooking thing and while I enjoy the ease of making a dinner that one can just pop into the oven I missed the fresher things and had a hard time remembering what was in the freezer.  Also didn’t care for the 8-hour cooking marathon.  Who has time for that?

Keeping things interesting is difficult at my house – I don’t care for loads of meat and Steve hates most vegetables…namely beans.  So I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to make a vegetarian version of sloppy joes out of lentils.  I told him we were having sloppy joes for dinner and omitted the fact they were made from beans.  Not a good idea, in hindsight.

Wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen – sauteing onion, garlic and green pepper – what could be better?  Smells promising.  Then he sees the bag of beans.  I get the look.  The ‘Are You Trying To Kill Me With Vegetables Again’ look.  To his credit he tastes it and then turns it down.  That’s all I can ask.  Then he made a hamburger.

I live to cook another day.