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there are 364 un-birthdays of the year…

Abi and Maggie having a little girl talk

Abi and Maggie having a little girl talk

And last week was Abi’s First birthday!  Why do I continue to think I need to do all this stuff and make myself frazzled to the point of not enjoying what should be a fun day?  I made about 600 cupcakes (OK, I exaggerate) with homemade icing.  I did draw the line at having a huge spread.  Tedious though it was, I am quite impressed with myself and did have one person tell me they were the best cupcakes he had ever had. 


Abi got loads of toys (far too many – but try and tell people a one year old doesn’t need anything and they look at you like your nuts) and did so well with all those people in the house.  We have lots of family and friends that might as well be family that were kind enough to share Abi’s birthday with us.  So happy everyone was there to celebrate.

Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!


two by two

Geesh, with the rain, enough already.  I know we really needed it after weeks and weeks of nary a drop – but really.  We’re going on the 4th day AND night of rain.  It just rains all day and all night.  The last time it rained like this our living room nearly flooded, forcing Steve and I to go find a sandbagging location and load up some sandbags in the back of the jeep in an attempt to keep the water from our backyard making its way inside the house.  For whatever reason, our backyard (along with all the backyards on our side of the street) are sloped. 

So far so good this time around.  I think it was so dry before that a good portion of the water got immediately sucked up preventing the same amount of flooding.  And this isn’t a hurricane like before so it’s not quite as heavy of a rain.  We’ll be spending the beginning of our vacation digging a French drain back there to avoid the same problem this hurricane season. 

Lots to post – Abi’s birthday, new computer, upcoming vacation, Abi’s new sleep problem…must choose something other than sleeping when I have the chance!