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buddy dog

My best friend in Denver just told us the sad news that her dog Buddy has cancer and will eventually die from it – it could be months or a year, depending on the course of treatment my friend decides on for Buddy. 

Let me tell you, I love me some Buddy Dog.  He’s so smart and protective, even of me who isn’t his mama.  When Lynn lived in Orlando we would dog sit for her puppies while she was away so I feel bonded to Buddy.  We’ve had lots of camping trips together, even spent some time in a canoe together.

Buddy put up with his sister Athena with such stoicism.  I know it couldn’t have been easy, but he managed to love the little yellow dervish and teach her a thing or two.

So here’s to you Buddy, we’ll miss you lots.

Buddy (right) and Athena in their backyard

Buddy (right) and Athena in their backyard


i might ask her to wear this all the time

Abi’s birthday present arrived today!  She is currently hating hats, but hopefully will be so enraptured with being on a bike she’ll forget she has this thing strapped to her head.  I’m super excited to get out on the bikes as a family, finally.

Giro Me2 Infant Bike Helmet

She does fall down quite a bit just walking around the house, I might have her wear this when she’s not on the bike.  Lately she tends to look at her feet while running and just smacks into chair legs and such.  She’s a trooper though.  Just a frown and then she’s off to the next thing.  I fear we’ll be knowing the emergency room technicians on a first name basis as she grows up.

baba ganoush

After the exploding eggplant of Sunday I hoped the result of my efforts would not go wasted.  I made a very tasty bab ganoush with the unstuck goo that is a cooked eggplant and used it as a topping for grilled chicken last night.  Served with steamed green beans and whole wheat pita.  Abi even ate a little pita and chicken.  As usual, most of it ended up on the floor.

Steve was a little skpetical of the new recipe, but gave it the thumbs up and I received the approval that I can make it again.  Hooray!

I need a weekend for my weekend

Our computer is on the fritz and trying to use borrowed computers isn’t working either – hence the lack of posting this past month or so.  We’ll be using a large lump of our tax return to get our very first family laptop.  I know, we’re so behind on the times.

This past weekend I had a whole list of things I needed to do, places to go – but only got through about half of them.  It always makes me anxious to not get through my list and I’m trying to deal with that.  Steve says I’m crazy, I say I’m focused.   Tomato, Tomato.  (that doesn’t really translate well in print, does it?)

Erin was down this weekend for a work meeting and stuck around all weekend.  She came over on Saturday bringing a gift of a cupcake cookbook.  We worked our way though one of the recipes using an egg replacer in the event that Abi really is allergic to eggs.  Word to those who may not know – do not use egg replacer for an angel food type cake.  It’s not good.  We then made a vegan lemon cupcake that was actually pretty tasty but stuck to the paper liners like crazy.  I think I’ll just make standard cupcakes for the guests and an extra special cupcake for Abi.  Decisions, Decisions.

Steve worked all weekend pressuring washing his parent’s pool deck and our front and back porches to ‘prettify’ our outdoor spaces for Abi’s upcoming party.  It looks great and he did a wonderful job.  He even tried to pressure wash our shower to remove some of this REALLY stubborn grime that refuses to budge.  Worked pretty good.  I only wish I had been there to see it.  I roasted an eggplant in the oven and it exploded.  Eggplant everywhere.  Upside – can’t use the oven until I can find the time to clean it.

Lately Abi’s been refusing to eat her pureed foods and only eat Oateos or pieces of cheese.  Perhaps she’s pushing to test her/our limits?  I’m still having guilt about not nursing her as frequently and my inability to pump enough milk at work for her to be formula free.  She’s been on mostly formula now for about 2 months with no ill effects, but I still feel like I’m letting her down in some way.

Like this is my one job and I’m failing at that because I have to work.  I hate having to work – I’m lucky to have a job, but I hate that I HAVE to work.  If we had only thought a little farther ahead before buying our house.  Hindsight and all that.  But we have what we have and if we didn’t do what we did then we wouldn’t have the Abi we have now.  And I wouldn’t want anything else.