good weekend

We had a great weekend, the three of us.  Friday was my day off so Abi and I lounged around a while then returned some shoes.  Saturday all three of us took a ride out to Titusville in search of planes.  The air show was too expensive for us so we were going to scout out a park to sit in and watch the planes for free…but we found nothing – no planes and no parks.  I think we missed the airshow.  So we had lunch at Dixie Crossroads instead.  I’m not a big shrimp fan, and these were way expensive shrimp.  I know, I know – it’s an institution.  But come on.  That much money for shrimp?  We should have just gone to the airshow.

Sunday we did a few chores around the house, Steve finally mowed the lawn after something like two months.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.  The lawn has barely grown in two months.  Then off the the in-laws house for some yummy spaghetti to celebrate two wedding anniversaries.

A good weekend was had by all.

Now I’m having trouble figuring out what Steve and I should do for our 3rd anniversary coming up on the 1st.    We don’t have much moola, so will probably end up being dinner at a Spanish restaurant we’ve seen in town and maybe a movie.

**Update** Abi was sick, ended up not going.  Still haven’t done anything to celebrate our anniversary and here it is the end of April.


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