Monthly Archives: March 2009

Abi’s birthday is right around the corner (gasp!  how did this happen?  how did an entire year pass in just two weeks?) so I’m trying out different cupcake recipes to find the perfectcupcake for her first birthday.  I started with a martha stewart recipe for vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting.  nope.  Frosting was great (if not a little too sweet) but for some reason the cupcake part was not great.  I can’t find my beater attachment to the stand mixer, so I used the whisk.  Perhaps that’s my problem there.

This afternoon I tried an Ina Garten recipe for carrot cake cupcakes.  I read some of the reviews of the recipe, thankfully – the recipe had them in there for something like 40 minutes.  But in the end, it didn’t really matter because I didn’t have any carrots.  Used them up for my corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s day.  I had already started mixing when realizing I had no carrots.  I wasn’t about to run to the store for carrots, so I omitted them.  Lovely spiced cake, I thought.  It will be OK w/o carrots.  Didn’t even use the whisk attachment this time.  I guess I left them in there too long (but certainly not  the 40 minutes it called for) because these suckers were crunchy on the top, nice and mushy on the bottom. 

it could have been worse

Nice frosting though.  I went ahead and peeled the liners off all the cupcakes to make it easier on those who were brave enough to try them.  They were stuck on there pretty good.  I’m not giving up.  I’ll try another recipe next weekend.  Something lemon, perhaps?  Her party will be outside in the backyard garden-party style (if we had a garden, or any plants in the backyard for that matter).

In other news today, Steve got his ‘all-clear’ diagnosis from the yearly CAT scan.  Hooray!  That week of waiting is always nerve-wracking.  He had the whole day off so Abi an I joined him at the Dr. and had breakfast after.  Stopped and got Abi a little wading pool to cool off in this summer.  Not working out so great, will probably go back and get the traditional hard sided plastic jobber.  This one squirts water.  A little too slippery for those just learning to walk.

Haven’t worked on my scarf in a while, need to start the next book club book ‘A Devil in the White City’. Unfortunately the library has a long wait list.  Will see if I can find it used somewhere.




Today the three of us and our friends Lee, Michelle and their 6 month old daughter, Olive, went out on the town.  We had a great lunch at The Breakfast Club and walked over to the Orlando History Center.  There was a fantastic travelling Jim Henson exhibit  put together by the Smithsonian institute we went to see.  So great!  What a creative and thoughtful man.  I consider myself so lucky that I got to grow up watching Sesame Street every day (along with Mr. Rogers and the whole PBS crew – my family didn’t get cable until I was out of the house). 

Abi has a Grover doll she carries with her everywhere and has my old Ernie and Bert dolls I had when I was a kid – she loved seeing the giant sized characters.

good weekend

We had a great weekend, the three of us.  Friday was my day off so Abi and I lounged around a while then returned some shoes.  Saturday all three of us took a ride out to Titusville in search of planes.  The air show was too expensive for us so we were going to scout out a park to sit in and watch the planes for free…but we found nothing – no planes and no parks.  I think we missed the airshow.  So we had lunch at Dixie Crossroads instead.  I’m not a big shrimp fan, and these were way expensive shrimp.  I know, I know – it’s an institution.  But come on.  That much money for shrimp?  We should have just gone to the airshow.

Sunday we did a few chores around the house, Steve finally mowed the lawn after something like two months.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.  The lawn has barely grown in two months.  Then off the the in-laws house for some yummy spaghetti to celebrate two wedding anniversaries.

A good weekend was had by all.

Now I’m having trouble figuring out what Steve and I should do for our 3rd anniversary coming up on the 1st.    We don’t have much moola, so will probably end up being dinner at a Spanish restaurant we’ve seen in town and maybe a movie.

**Update** Abi was sick, ended up not going.  Still haven’t done anything to celebrate our anniversary and here it is the end of April.