i used to be interesting, i swear

I’m pretty sure I used to have hobbies, interests and intelligent things to say at one time or another.  I’m not really sure what happened.  I think it’s a mixture of laziness, bills and the need to sleep.  I used to inhale books on art theory and have actual conversations about religion.  And I can use the new baby as an excuse but I know these things were on the back burner way before I was pregnant.

I’m only just now starting to realize how little outside interests I have and am beginning to make a list of things I’d like to do/learn:                     

Knit– my sister once tried to teach me, but it didn’t take.  I’ve just registered for a class at  local yarn shop – one small fee for a lifetime of lessons.  One on one lessons, thank you very much.  Now I don’t have to embarrass myself at how inept I know I’ll be.

Cook more – I really enjoy cooking.  I’m not a good cook.  But I enjoy it.  I’ve started to bulk cook once a month to ease the dinner rut we were in.  I would get home around 5pm and not have enough time to cook an actual meal in time for Abi to eat and be in bed at a decent hour.  So I cook about 15 meals in one day and just pull them out of the freezer as I go along.  That’s not really cooking, though.  That’s a mad rush to get it all done before Steve and Abi come home from the 4 hour break I’ve been allotted.  I’ll cook one meal on the weekends and Sunday breakfast.  All leisurely like.

Read scholarly things – I still read a lot but it’s nothing that one would call educational.  Of course, I still learn something from everything I read and I don’t read romance novels or anything but biographies they ain’t.  I’ll make a list of those books I’ve always wanted to read and read as many as I can this year.

Spend more time outdoors– I hate Florida primarily because of the weather.  I don’t enjoy the heat.  But I do love walking in the woods and camping.  Unfortunately, about 8 months out of the year those things are nearly unbearable.  And with a small child in tow near impossible.  I know Abi loves to be outside and with her sleep improving I think we’ll be able to camp this Spring.  So to save money and spend more time outside, we’ve made the commitment to upgrade our gear when I get my bonus check and that is how we’ll spend most of our family vacations.  All my family vacations growing up involved camping instead of staying in hotels so I’m kind of carrying on the tradition. 

I do love a project.


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